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But then, a small sprout started to point.Others followed, really tiny.Imagine fennels lego version.That's about it.

The kids nicknamed him Baby Groot, which made them want to see Guardians of the Galaxy again.

I smiled and made them some popcorn.

My boyfriend concluded that at the rate where this Baby Groot grew, we would have a fennel in which to bite when our youngest entered university.

I smiled again.

I let them laugh.My green thumb still has crusts to eat, certainly.But it has been growing a little more each year since we made a vegetable garden.I am still impatiently awaiting this moment when the first whips of chives will announce that it will soon be time to put your hands in the ground, sow snow peas and pick far too many kale and cherry tomatoes.

This year, I have the impression that there are still more of us than usual pawing with impatience at the idea of weeding a corner of the land, as if the current pandemic had come to whip us the vegetable fiber.

"No, really not.There is clearly an impetus towards the home vegetable garden," confirms Mélanie Grégoire, general manager of Serres St-Élie.Closed to the public until mid-April, the company continues to deliver and offer a car deposit service.

Vegetable growing has already enjoyed a good popularity rating in recent years, and it is skyrocketing these days.

"This is a disproportionate growth compared to previous years.Since mid-March, even with reduced opening hours, even by closing public access to our floor, our turnover has increased by 30 percent .And it is clearly the vegetable section which generates so much activity because our sales of green plants have dropped by half, ”says Mélanie.

Posted Date: 2020-06-09

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