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Giant Hosta Hosta 'Empress Wu'

Already, several current hostas have gigantic leaves, but 'Empress Wu' breaks all records.This giant reaches 1.5 meters in diameter, even 2 meters, with leaves 45cm wide and 65cm long.In other words, only one plant fills a flower bed! It produces a shade so dense that it smothers all the weeds at its foot.Its foliage is so thick that the slugs cannot eat it.The leaves are green and nicely grooved.Its flowers, modest, are pale purple .If you are looking for more color, there is also a mutation of this hosta, 'Wu-La-La', with variegated foliage, a novelty 2019 with yellow green margin.Sun or shade.90-120cm x 1.5-2m .Zone 3.

AstilboidesAstilboides tabularis

Its large round leaves are so wide (up to 90cm in diameter) that they could serve as a parasol.Pale green, they are cut at the edge, apple green and fluffy.The thick petiole that holds the leaf can measure 1 m The leaf resembles a table, hence the epithet tabularis.It also flowers, with white frothy flowers on a 1.5m high stem.To be successful, it needs a moist and protected location wind, preferably in partial shade, and rich, loose soil that never dries.1.2m x 90cm.Zone 3.

Japanese butterbur Petasites japonicus

Its curious leaves are kidney-shaped (kidney-shaped), but many gardeners recognize the shape of the tractor seat of yesteryear, so much that many people call it "tractor seat".Measuring up to 80cm in diameter, they are carried by solid petioles.

Warning: this plant is invasive, especially in a humid environment.To control it, push a large thick plastic tub into the ground, like a children's pool, leaving the edge beyond 2.5cm (you could cover the edge of mulch to hide it) and plant the butterbur in it.There is no need to drill drainage holes in the tank: the butterbur is a swamp plant and composes very well with soggy soils.

Posted Date: 2020-06-10

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