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Ideal pots for orchids

Ideal pots for orchids

Suitable pots for orchids are those that allow you to
monitor their growth and easily check the moisture content of the roots.
Therefore, the ideal is a transparent pot and a planter that matches the colour
of your orchid, which you can buy second-hand from online sites, and
which will be cheaper than buying new pots.

For a good start: butterfly orchid and transparent pot

If you are new to orchid growing, start with a
Phalaenopsis, also known as a butterfly orchid.
It is one of the most cultivated orchids in Europe. This success comes
from :

its ease of cultivation

of its magnificent flowering, which can last several

of its ability to bloom again

Next, choose a transparent pot to keep an eye on the
humidity level of your orchid’s roots.

How to take care of your orchid?

Maintenance is simple provided you follow a few

Don’t water too much: once every 8-10 days is enough.
Too much water will cause the roots to rot.

Prefer a misting with non-lime-sensitive water,
avoiding to wet the heart of the leaves.

Once a week, basin your orchids. Completely immerse the
base of the plant. Leave it for a few minutes. Then let the root ball drain.
This will moisten the roots (which turn green again).

Orchids are usually sold in transparent pots, so you
can easily check the condition of the roots and assess the moisture content.

Where should you place your orchid?

The ideal place is not too dry and airy (but
draught-free), with lots of light but no direct sunlight.

The ideal temperature will be between 17 and 23°C.
Avoid placing them above a radiator or on a window sill that is too sunny.

To enhance your orchids, Croix Chatelain has selected
several types of pots particularly adapted to their cultivation: crystal pots
of course, but also elegant cups, tall cylindrical pots in bright or neutral
colours, for all tastes and all environments.

Because the orchid is just as suitable for the office
as it is for the home in your living room, kitchen or bathroom.


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