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The Senate has its secrets, here are 5

The Senate has always cultivated the art of secrecy.High in the magnificent setting of the Luxembourg garden, the High Assembly sometimes reserves some surprises.While the Senate must renew this Sunday, September 24, half of its seats, little anthology (not exhaustive) ) what senators would have preferred to keep away from the general public.

Custom seats

It's a tradition that is scrupulously respected each time.When a new elected official arrives at the Palais du Luxembourg, they ask him for his exact measurements.To cut him a suit? No, rather to make him a custom seat in the Hemicycle.And beware of the odd: "Some senators have already complained of seats too narrow and uncomfortable," recalls an employee of the Senate.

To the health of the Republic!

It is one of the hidden treasures of the Senate: its cellar.But also one of the places where we meet the most people.The place is very popular with senators, their parliamentary attach├ęs and officials of the High Assembly, and we understand them: there are thousands of good bottles at unbeatable prices.

It is not uncommon indeed - once after having preciously shown the wine merchant of the place his badge stamped "Senate" - to obtain highly prized wines at - 30%, or even - 50% compared to market prices." Every Friday at the end of the afternoon, it is an unmissable event, slips a regular of the places.Senators on the left and on the right regularly exchange tips to bring the best bottle to their constituency every weekend ."

Posted Date: 2020-06-10

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